About Us

Although CRM is a relatively new acronym for this firm, Carissimi Rohrer McMullen from which it is derived is not new on Sacramento’s architectural scene. It is one of the oldest and enduring architect firms in the area hailing back to 1946.   

Originally founded as Barovetto and Thomas, much of the greater Sacramento area and Davis landscape is occupied by structures designed by the generations of the two pioneers Al Thomas and Silvio “Slim” Barovetto. Slim designed many public buildings constructed in Davis. 

Since 1946, CRM has been a major influence on the Sacramento landscape, downtown and in the greater Sacramento area. Projects we are proud to have our stamp on are the grand old Senator Hotel where many important political activities and social affairs of the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s occurred. CRM also designs worship spaces such as St. Clare Church in Roseville and Holy Trinity Parish in El Dorado Hills and diversifies with such projects as the Fairbairn Intake Expansion on the American River and the Plaza of Lights and the River Walk along the Sacramento River. These are just a few of the many familiar projects that CRM has designed.   

CRM’s portfolio page hosts some of the most recent centers for worship as well as recent public and corporate buildings.  We support the historic, are adept at restoration and renovation and embrace modern design for the changing face of our communities. 

CRM is licensed in California, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Utah, Idaho, Hawaii and Nevada.

Meet The Team
Bruce LaRose
Principal in Charge-Project Architect

Bruce came to CRM in 1999 bringing a lengthy background in construction means and methods and became a Principal in 2003. Bruce works closely with our clients to understand their vision and also bring his experience and recommendations for time saving and cost effective design solutions. Bruce’s involvement in the document processes consistently exceeds the standard of care for quality and level of detail.

Ervin McMullin
Principal - Project Architect

Ervin has been with CRM since 1997 with a background of programming, project management, master planning and value engineering. He has been instrumental in design of many public projects and has been a proponent of environmentally sensitive architecture since the early 1970s.

Mark McIlvain
Principal-Project Manager

Mark has been with CRM since 2002 bringing extensive experience with Commercial Corporate design. Mark has considerable knowledge and experience with the design requirements and processes of many of the western jurisdictions as well as extensive experience with accessibility issues.

Mark works with clients from preliminary concepts through construction and coordinates the multi-discipline requirements of each project.

Associate - Project Manager

Lupe has been with CRM since 2012 bringing a lengthy career in the management of commercial projects.

Lupe has extensive experience in multi-jurisdictional requirements and coordination of disciplines. She is “hands-on” with our client’s commercial needs and is consistently commended by them for efficiency, professionalism, cost effective solutions and excellence in delivery.